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Why Potion?

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award - winning

2nd Place Winner of the 2018 Dope Cup THC Distillate


No plastic packaging

high thc ratios

Tests in the 80% - 90%

and above range

all natural

Cannabis-derived terpenes

Potion Black

thc distillate cartridges 

with cannabis-derived terpenes

Potion Black is our Robust line of strain specific distillates made for those who want a cannabis only product in a high quality cartridge. Made from sustainable grown flower and the plant’s actual terpenes, you can expect a 100% cannabis only product of your favorite strains from your favorite brand.

Potion Color

thc distillate cartridges 

with flavored botanical terpenes

Potion Color contains our full line-up of high potency distillate cartridges combined with all natural botanical terpenes to create a flavor that is a bit fruitier, more discreet and will please and excite even the most discerning of palates.

POTION LIVE RESIN_Group Boxes for Websit
Potion Live Resin

thc distillate blend cartridges

with cannabis terpenes

Potion Live Resin cartridges contain either a blend of our distillate mixed with live resin or just our pure resin variety. 

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